My name is Bruna Bersch. I am a Brazilian photographer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


When it comes to education and work, I hold a degree in Photography and have had experience studying Film and Video as a exchange student in South Korea, during my undergraduate years.

A little about me

I'm a shy person, who sometimes find it difficult to express myself through words. That's one of the reasons I found in Photography, a way to tell stories visually. I'm a visual story teller who is passionate by the fact I can inspire people with my images.

I love traveling and knowing new cultures (check my travel photo series here). I'm a big foodie and when I started traveling, I realized how food plays such a important role in every society. Food connects people! It connects us to our memories, to our families, traditions and heritage. We all have a story tied with food, don't we?

So, after traveling and being self taught about culinary, ingredients, aesthetics of food, I decided to focus my work in Food Photography, where I put together two of my passions: photography and food. But wait, don't get it wrong, it wasn't easy to achieve results while persuading my dreams. 

It's been a long way, full of challenges, countless "no's" and a lot of work. But I kept going, because I believe that the pursuit for new experiences, makes it so evident how important it is to always carry your passion with you, because that's part of who you are. 

I'm always after what makes me feel more alive and connected to my inner-self. Finding my ground with the things that makes me feel more like the person I am, makes me more productive and happy! That's how enjoy my work and my life.

I still work with other kinds of assignments. You can find more about here.

"Unless you photograph what you love, you're not going to make good art."

Sally Mann


I'm currently based in Phnom Penh but available to travel, if requested.

I accept a range of Photography assignments, including:

• Food and beverage;

• Architecture and Interiors;

• Street and Travel Photography;

• Lifestyle Photography;

• Editorials

Material for newspaper, magazine articles or websites for descriptive purposes

You can also  contact me for Photography related workshops and prints.



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