Koh Thansur: Paradise Island, Cambodia

When exploring the Cambodian coast, you will probably want to visit the island of Koh Rong, since it's the most known island in the country. But when traveling by boat to Koh Rong, you don't necessarily need to drop down in that island right away. If you are looking for a desert island experience, when the boat arrives to Koh Rong, you can stay in the boat, go a little bit further and there will be another stop in Koh Thansur, or Paradise Island.


The island is not yet developed and there are only a few accommodation in there, which are not cheap. But there is a possibility to camp at the beach for $15 a night. There are no many restaurants, bars and fuss. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature to the maximum.

We spent only one day in the island, going back to Koh Rong in the last boat of the day ( You pay the boat ticket only once!). It's a perfect day-trip and the island certainly does justice to its name. A real paradise, with huge coconuts trees and flowers alongside the white sand, a blue-sky sea and a lake behind the beach. It's definitely worth the long boat ride, you won't regret.

For tips on where to stay, what to eat and what to do in Koh Rong, you can visit this post.

Here are some of the pictures we took during this breath-taking experience in Koh Thansur:

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