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A letter from myself to me

bruna bersch in koh rong

Recently, I was rummaging through my old notebooks left in a box, inside my closet. And I found notes and texts from an younger me, full of hopes and ambitions. Goals and dreams written down as they were a list to be filled with a big check, whenever they would come true.

The years passed and I had to face a lot of things out there and I ended up falling before my problems many times. With so many tumbles that life brings us, sometimes we lose a little hope. We are lost, as if we'd never find the right path again. The world revolves around us but it seems like we're not going anywhere. We are trapped, within ourselves.

But then suddenly, a little light points at the end of the tunnel, something unexpected appears to clear the way. A simple thing that changes everything. In my case it was to have found a note I wrote a few years ago and that made me see the world with more emotion again, that made revive the dreamer inside me.

A letter from myself to me:

"Know exactly what you want to do. Even though it seems impossible now, it doesn't mean it will always be. Work hard in whatever you do. You'll see the good things coming to you.

Make plans, but don't get too crazy about it. Live the today with all your heart but don't forget about tomorrow.

Think of your big dreams as plans you have scheduled in your monthly planner. Do not ever think of them as just desires. And of course, make things happen! Get out of your comfort zone, being there won't take you anywhere.

Don't let others influence what you want in life. You might consider what they say, but don't take it as absolute truth every time.

Be inspired to keep going. Read, watch movies, travel, listen to music, watch the sunset, take a walk. Be aware of te little things around you so you can achieve the big ones.

Don't think negative and don't talk about other people behind their back. It will only attract bad things back to you.

Last but not least: Be grateful. Every day. Every time. It's the best way to show the universe and to yourself that all your efforts are worth it, that you are worth it."

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